LinkedIn’s New iPad App is a Game Changer for All.

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Don’t be put off reading this if you don’t own an iPad – there is some important information here for anyone using LinkedIn to engage with those that might be using this app (and many people are).

LinkedIn recently relaunched its iPad app, it’s not an update from the previously hopeless version that was unstable and frankly useless. This is a completely new, built from scratch app….and its really excellent!


In the UK, mobile is now responsible for 44% of visits to LinkedIn and this figure is expected to reach 50% early next year.

That 44% is based on a phone app that is nothing special and a truly terrible iPad app – imagine how much more traffic will come via mobile now that they have a really good iPad app?

This isn’t just an interesting stat, it has a fundamental impact on how we should be using LinkedIn. When users access LinkedIn via either mobile apps they are visiting at significantly different times of the day. The graph below shows the amount of visitors at different times of the day (weekdays).


The blue line represents the traditional desktop users, signing in first thing in the morning and peaking at that point but showing consistent levels of activity throughout the working hours.

The orange line represents visitors using the mobile app on their phone, the activity stays constant throughout the working day but also continues into the evening.

The most interesting line is the purple one which represents users visiting via the iPad app, lower numbers throughout the day but it then peaks late in the evening at which point it beats the other two and records the highest number of visitors at any time of the day. Presumably this happens because people relax on the couch after their evening meal and flip open their iPad!

This is a truly remarkable statistic and in my opinion, a game changer for LinkedIn users!

I have been advising delegates in my workshops for years that the most effective time of day to post a status update is first thing in the morning, this is not only when a high number of people are online but it is also the one time you know they are going to have eyes on their homepage and the stream of updates from their connections.

Now we see a massive shift towards 8-9 pm in the evening as the most active time and most of these visitors are viewing on their iPad which is designed in such a way that the update feed is most prominent (see below)


As a test I am going to publish and promote this blog at 8-9 pm initially followed by 8-9 am the next day and continue this schedule for the next few weeks to see how it makes a difference to the number of views, likes and comments.

Another important thing for everyone to know about the iPad app is that website and email links in your profile become active.

When you view a profile on the desktop version or the phone app, the links or email addresses that someone has put in their summary or work experience sections only appear as font (ie you have to copy and paste them into a browser or email)


Desktop View

However on the new iPad app the links now become active.


iPad App View

Again this changes my advice on the information you put in your profile, previously I was ambivalent about putting links in your summary – now its essential to have links high up in your profile.

The new app is far from perfect, LinkedIn have yet again made the decision to severely restrict its functionality, for instance you can’t send Inmails from the app (although you can from the iPhone app) and many other essential features are missing but this is clearly a policy decision rather than a faulty design. Overall I am very impressed, I will soon publish a full and detailed review but for now lets give LinkedIn a big ‘thumbs up’ for a much improved app.


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8 Responses to “LinkedIn’s New iPad App is a Game Changer for All.”

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The new Likedin application crashes every time I open it with my iPad Air.

yes these is nice App still m using this… 🙂

You cannot update your profile via ipad????????
This is 2014???

Yes its pretty annoying but LinkedIn have clearly decided that tablets are largely for consumption of information and communication rather than creating anything. They have taken a conscious choice to restrict the functionality of all mobile and tablet apps.

I am really confused as to why LinkedIn has removed the option to “open in safar” as well as the options to copy text (like links). It seems that LinkedIn is trying to force people to stay within the app – but so many of the articles require that you go to the actual site to view them it makes no sense to remove this functionality.

This is even more confusing when you consider that both the ability to open links in safari and to copy information works just fine on the iPhone app.

Lastly, LinkedIn refuses to fix their website to work with safari on iPad. I reported issues with both “like” and “share” some months ago, but they have never fixed them. It seems that they want to drive people on iPad to use the LinkedIn app – that is so broke that I can’t use it. So this leaves me with going to either iphone or desktop to access LinkedIn.

Policy decision or bad product management their iPad strategy is clearly a LinkedIn #fail


Interesting points Troy and I can understand how frustrating it can be. I still like the app and enjoy using it because I have accepted its very limited use. Thats doesn’t mean I agree with LinkedIn’s app policy but it is what it is and I am pretty certain they are not going to take a U-turn on this so I just enjoy it for what it is good for. I haven’t found any links or articles that I cannot read, OK so I am opening them in the app itself rather than safari but it doesn’t prevent me from reading them. Maybe I have just been lucky.

Mr linkedin – and how do you bookmark a page for later reading in this limited application? How do you copy some text if the snipped is really interesting – like parts of your article?

Good points. I still like its design but there are limitations

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