LinkedIn Charges Job Seekers!

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I’m annoyed.

Premium accounts are OK in principle, if you want to pay to use LinkedIn for business purposes then you can make an investment decision. Will you make more money if you pay for a premium account? If not then don’t buy it.

I do however have an issue with LinkedIn showing vacancy ads to job seekers and then expecting them to upgrade their account in order to see the most important piece of information – what salary the job pays!


Not happy with already charging the company to place the ad in the first place, they now want to make extra money by charging the applicant as well!

OK so job seeker upgrades are not the most expensive but its the principle of charging both the advertiser and the applicant that gets me annoyed.


I have advertised vacancies more times than I care to remember in the past and one thing is clear – If you don’t put a salary in the ad’ – the response will be poor, so I can’t imagine the advertisers being too happy about this move either.

This incidentally comes from a company who expect to generate a turnover in the region of $1.5 billion and profits of $364 million this year……it just seems an unnecessary strategy to me that will lose them far more friends than it will make them extra dollars in profit.

Rant over!

What do you think?


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10 Responses to “LinkedIn Charges Job Seekers!”

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So Mark Linkedin remove the details re salary from adverts posted is that correctly understood? Can you elaborate on how this works as I am a tad confused.
That they are doing themselves no favours in respect to this and other interesting changes goes without saying.

Yes, as you can see in the screenshot in the article. A salary is not shown unless you have an upgraded account. To be honest many advertisers simply include a link to the job on their website careers page which does include a salary….which makes this even more pointless!

Linkedin double dipping again. You’re right re the ATS link being a work around, but how long before LI say that Job Ads can only be received in the Recruiter product or similar?

HI Mark

Well, to me it iis even more unfair that LI charges for any Jobseeker Profile Accounts. This goes against the grain of any proper candidate oriented policy – and I would have thought it is also against legislation in many countries.

Thanks Alan,
To be fair LinkedIn have come back to me with a clarification of this which I will publish once they have sent me some screenshots to explain what they mean.
Basically they are saying that the feature you need to upgrade for is a suggested salary range for similar jobs as a helpful guide where a salary is not mentioned.
I will post a new blog when I have more information.

Put the salary range in the body of the job description.
Problem solved for recruiter & candidate

[…] my last post LinkedIn contacted me to clarify their position with regards to the issue of charging job seekers […]

Hi there, I was a bit silly I guess but a genuine oversight. I wonder if anyone has advise for me. I was emailed an opportunity by LinkedIn to advertise looking for contract work as business was very bad and I am urgently looking for work. Finances are low. I was offered to sign up for €4 and try it out. I rely heavily on my emails for notification and they sent an email confirming the invoice for €4 and then one re my activation. I naturally thought I would receive an email advising direct debits due to be charged for any views to my ad. I look at my bank statements every couple of months as I know roughly what goes through. I noticed my balance was low and I couldn’t cover some expenses. I checked my statement and noticed a weekly charge going through for nearly €80, I had in 2 months been charged nearly €900. Now I had been careful with spending as i was looking for work! I was upset and asked them why they didn’t email notice for debiting my bank and the told me they issue invoices on LinkedIn, that wasn’t consistent with the first invoice! If I had been notified I would have stopped it immediately. They showed very little sympathy and offered the last payment back, but were quite rude in the end. Can anyone advise me as I can’t afford this at all and was a bit misinformed. People supposedly clicked on my ad (consistently) over the Christmas period, including Christmas Day! I am wondering if people are paid to click on ads?
Surely they can’t debit a bank account with variable amounts without sending email notification to the client?
Thanks for your attention,


Thanks for your comment Janet, unfortunately I can’t offer you any advice as I am sure LinkedIn have all the legals covered on this. I am not a fan of this auto billing method which is also applied to premium membership fees but I am pretty certain it is legally sound (if not entirely ethical).
I hope that by telling others about this you may save someone else falling into the same situation.

Thanks for your swift reply, I am not giving up. I have found that I ticked a box asking to be notified and received no update, so pursuing that with my Bank,

thanks again,


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