Introducing LinkedIn Intro!

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LinkedIn have announced a brand new line up of mobile apps and for the first time ever, they are worth getting excited about!

I will be reviewing the excellent new iPad app soon, this piece however is focussed on their brand new LinkedIn Intro app for the iPhone.

Firstly let me apologise to all of you who are Android or Windows mobile users (or anything else). This product is currently focussed on iOS only and because it is built into the Mail app, I am not sure when or if it will be available on other platforms – LinkedIn didn’t mention anything about this in their presentation.

Apparently the average professional spends 28% of their day dealing with email, this seems an astonishing fact at first but when you think about it you might find you can relate to it….to be honest I’m probably spending more than that in my email! Another fascinating fact revealed by LinkedIn was that more than 50% of emails are read on a mobile device these days and that number is increasing.

LinkedIn are increasingly focussed on mobile so it made sense to introduce an app that links your LinkedIn account to your email account.

In 2012 They acquired a business called Rapportive which is a Gmail plugin that shows you the latest social network updates from whoever you’re corresponding with. I have been using Rapportive for 18 months or so and found it very useful when dealing with emails at my desk but like most people I am increasing managing email on my phone so I have found I am using Rapportive less and less…..Enter LinkedIn Intro.

Intro is integrated into your Mail so that instead of an email looking like this;

normal mail

It now looks like this;

intro email

The key difference as you can see is that the LinkedIn profile of the sender is now embedded into the email itself.

If you are not connected to this person there is a link (see arrow below) which gives you the option to connect. DON’T CLICK here! As with all mobile apps, LinkedIn just send the recipient the basic and unfriendly “I’d like to add you to my professional network message” which is poor practice.

intro mail red

However when you click on the profile link you get to see more information from that individual’s profile (see below). How cool is that?

intro email info

It’s not just clever and cool, it’s really useful. How often do we receive emails from people who we don’t really know? This way we can check out more information about them which allows us to respond more effectively.

Of course this also has an effect on the sender in that it yet again proves just how important your LinkedIn profile is. If you need help with that click here.

I had forgotten how much I missed using Rapportive until I started using Intro today, its fantastic!

Unfortunately it’s not perfect, I have noticed some emails have an intro link that is so small you can’t really read it! See example below;

intro email small

This above screenshot is larger than it appears on the phone and even then its difficult to read! I can only assume this is something to do with the format of the email and may be fixed in future updates, lets hope so.

So if you have an iPhone, open your browser of choice (Safari perhaps) and go to, follow the installation instructions and once you have had a play, let me know what you think.


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16 Responses to “Introducing LinkedIn Intro!”

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Shame it does not work with email accounts that run on Office 365 and surprised there is also no support for Microsoft Exchange.

not really loving it…seems you only see the detailed profile of someone who’s actually on – but even if they’re not it suggests they are…you click on it and annoyingly it takes you to the www. needing email/pw ‘login’ rather than to the iphone app already installed. Decent concept – will watch for improvements. Also noticed doesn’t seem to be an option to delete it…ideas?

Thats interesting Richard. I have had a few emails with nothing embedded in them which I assume is because that email is not registered to a LinkedIn account, I haven’t seen any that suggests someone is when they are not. I agree the link should take you to the app but I suspect that is an iOS constraint – not sure.

I’ve given it a go, but Intro will only work with certain prescribed email providers like GMail, AOL etc. Whilst I do have a GMail account, I never use it, and it’s certainly not my primary email address. I never email anyone from it, and wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to try to contact me by GMail. Unless I could use Intro with my own email account on my own domain, then all that functionality is lost to me.
In fact, I’m a little surprised LinkedIn hasn’t already developed its own proprietary email system like GMail, as the flipside of the InMail coin, as a great many users would be inclined to use it.

Thanks Stephen, it does has its limitations for sure. I have used Gmail for a few years now, initially because I wanted to use Rapportive funnily enough and increasingly I find that more and more services integrate with gmail – for instance LinkedIn contacts is a much more useful tool when you link it to gmail.

Mark, acknowledging your rider and apology in your first line, we’re all on Windows (cross platform uniformity) across the business so ongoing frustration at being “left behind”. Aaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!

Cool feature but do you realise that now all your emails are going through LinkedIn servers?

Really, are you sure of that? If so then I guess the next question is what does that mean ie is that really a problem or not – given that with gmail your emails are going through Google’s servers anyway.

yes its true – you can see in your settings. I’ve deleted intro now…will just watch the f/b for now. If you want to delete it you can’t do it in mail accounts, but in general

It actually creates a new email account so all you need to do to stop using it is to switch off the Intro account and switch back on the original email account. That way you can easily switch it back on if things look better for you in the future.

It actually instals a whole new profile to your phone’s operating system and resets your security preferences! The only way to turn it off completely is to delete this profile. I’m fairly relaxed when it comes to what I share and having my “privacy” invaded but that is a step over the line for me. It even makes you put in your phone’s PIN to install it. I love Rapportive but this phone version seems to be a big risk to take for relatively little in return

Thanks Matt,
That all sounds very scary to me! Can you explain exactly what you mean by “installs a whole new profile” and what security preferences does it reset?

Thanks for this Matt, I really appreciate (and respect) your input. I have read the Bishop Fox article and I would strongly recommend everyone does. LinkedIn have also issued a statement regarding this in their Blog
I can see both sides here and, whilst I am not completely put off Intro, I have changed my use of it which I will write a further blog about.

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