The Mystery of the Anonymous LinkedIn Spammer!

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I’m stumped!

I wonder if you can help. I have been spending too much time trying to figure out this mystery on my own and I need your help to solve it.

I hate spamming on LinkedIn, I don’t mind receiving the odd promotional message from a connection, after all I agreed to connect with them and if they overdo it I will just disconnect. The same goes for group members, I can either leave the group or report them to the group owner/manager. Spammers are often simply those who are desperate to win more business and just havent thought through the consequence of their actions, you see on LinkedIn they can’t really hide because if they send me spam I can report them and (most importantly) I can see who they are and where they work – On LinkedIn you are visible so bad behaviour = bad reputation (as it should).

But this week I received the following message;

The link is to a video selling some amazing investment in stocks which probably don’t even exist! I am not connected to the mysterious Mr Lee nor do I share a group with him (despite what the message says) because when I click on his name to reveal his true identity this is what I see;

So how can this happen? The only way you can receive a direct message from someone on LinkedIn is one of the following

  • They are a connection (1st tier)
  • You share a group with them
  • They send an Inmail message to you

This is not an Inmail, they look different to this and give you the option of reporting it as spam and grading it as inappropriate (and they appear on your home page as well as your inbox).

Am I missing something here?

If I’m not then this is either some kind of glitch or a worrying new feature/workaround. To be able to send someone a message and not allow them to see your profile is totally wrong, it means you are not accountable for your actions and your reputation is not damaged through this unacceptable behaviour.

Any help in solving this mystery would be most appreciated…..over to you


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7 Responses to “The Mystery of the Anonymous LinkedIn Spammer!”

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What do LinkedIn say? Clearly this should not happen so do we have another kind of leak issue?

I was thinking perhaps the spammer sets up an account, joins some groups, sends message to group users and then delete/disable their account [until next time] as they have then got the message out so job done. in that case, you can have messages from people in your inbox that you have nothing in common with [anymore – as they no longer have an active account].

Hopefully LI can fix or limit sending messages to groups when you are a new user – e.g. have no connections yet hence a *possible* spammer.

Hi Stephen,
This is possible but I am sure I have seen a different message when a user has disabled their account. This message is suggesting they are there but just not within my network/visibility

Perhaps it is as simple as someone working out your email address, how frequent are they and do they repeat from the same sender?

No this wasn’t an email, its a LinkedIn message. Having my email address wouldn’t make any difference.

Stephen I to have received messages like these. As you said they do not give you the option of reporting as spam like the usual messages received through linked in do. Have you asked Linked In support about these messages. It would be interesting to see if they are working on figuring this out.

thanks for this linkedIn summary tips
of yours.. its helpful!

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